Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Religion and civility casualties to liberalism

Excerpt:  The father of a football player at the local high school remarked that those players, who want to pray before the game, have to find an area off field to do it. It is probable that the vast majority, and maybe the entire team, has no problem with prayer, and it is only the threat of a lawsuit that has forced the school administration to adopt this rule. A more inclusive option would be, for those offended, to be able to opt out and allow the motivational prayer to take place. But as in too many cases, the most vocal and litigious among us have prevailed.
Religion is being systematically removed from all government supported institutions, much to the chagrin of those founding fathers who are looking down on us. The intent of the “separation of church and state” was never meant to eliminate religious principles from our government, as evidenced by reference to God on most of our Federal buildings, “endowed by our creator” in the Declaration of Independence, and “In God We Trust” on our money supply.
The Democrats eliminated reference to God and also to Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel from their platform prior to the convention. Because of the bad press they were getting, an amendment was proposed. The Democrat party chairman ruled the amendment approved, but only after three voice votes that appeared to reject God, This, along with President Obama’s statement that conservatives cling to guns or religion, and his war on the Catholic church’s stand against abortion and contraception, show that the Democrat Party has moved to the extreme left of the political spectrum.
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