Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obamacare – did Chief Justice Roberts do us a favor?

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Excerpt: The Supreme Court, being the final Constitutional protection that an American citizen has, has the obligation to rule on the Constitutionality based on the facts, without having “a general reticence to invalidate”. That is their job. Chief Justice Roberts and the Liberal gang of four did not do their job and a dangerous precedent has been established. To paraphrase one of the Justices own words, can the government now force me to eat broccoli by threatening to tax (penalize) me? 

Although decisions are rarely, if ever, reversed, subsequent cases, as in the 1964 case of Brown v. Board of Education, can change the Court’s thinking and return us to solid Constitutional ground.

Then, why did Roberts do us a favor? 

Read my full article here.

Charles Krauthammer - Why Roberts did it.  Read it here.

Chief Justice Roberts is a genius. Read it here.

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