Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Barack Obama’s High Tech Snuff Films…

A couple of scary things in this interview. One is Obama's obsession with drones, and the other is that big labor is not only controlling him, but calling the shots. He does their bidding, even up to the point of promoting insurrection so that he can take total control over the citizens. This may be far fetched, but all the signs are there. 

Excerpt:  UM: I need to your to expand on the Drone thing – Obama’s love of using the drones. You say you “got the goods” – your words. What do you mean? 

WHI: It’s what has been brewin’ for well over a year now…it’s causing all kinds of hell between the administration…the military…infighting and concern among the staff…even Jarrett don’t have a handle on all of it. Even she is not entirely comfortable with how the president has sunk his teeth into the drones…the kill list. She’s not bothered by their use specifically…she’s more…I would guess she’s more worried over the political implications of Obama’s obsession…that eventually enough people will stand together and say ENOUGH. She can’t afford to have that happen too soon…the re-election makes them all vulnerable…the plans…the obligations to others…America can still stop them in 2012 and she understands that. So having Obama so oddly focused…not just focused…he gets excited…visually…the guy gets off on it and he ain’t even hiding that fact anymore. And some are repulsed by it. They’ve done video reviews you know…of the missions. The drones. The kills. 

UM: The president you mean? He watches videos of the drone attacks?

WHI: Yeah – like it was…like it was porn. I can’t emphasize…I don’t think I’m painting a clear enough picture here for you of how this thing has people really freaking out inside the administration. It’s good on one hand because it’s got more of them willing to talk…but…the fact it’s gotten this bad…these drones…an American president who has the video sent up to his personal study so he can watch them over and over again…like I said – sh-t ain’t right. And more and more people are figuring that out – and that is what has Jarrett concerned. But even she…Obama won’t listen to her on this one. Those drones are the one thing he really feels he has control over…all the rest…he’s been told what to say and where to go…when to wake…when to sleep…but the drones. The drones are all his – and he ain’t given those up. For nobody. 

USW International President Leo Gerard at Capitol
WHI: You were told about Gerard. He’s a kingmaker in all of this. You wanna know somebody who can make Valerie Jarrett sh-t all over herself? Leo Gerard would be one of those people. You get beyond him and you’re dealing with a level neither one of us can understand – or would want to. That’s for the Old Man to throw punches – we ain’t never gonna be in that world. Leo Gerard – The Man Who Controls The Obama Agenda 

UM: Ok – Gerard. Yes – we talked about him. Jarrett answers to him? 

WHI: He would be one – absolutely. He’s Big Labor on an international level. He’s got use of American military, American influence, American intelligence…those things are at his disposal if need be. Globalist…the desire to place the world under the banner of Big Labor. The expansion intoBrazil…Africa…follow the crumbs man. It’s all there. But try and get the kind of information that can burn them – the stuff that you could send to the Hill…as long as Eric Holder is holding the line…very tough. And very dangerous. That’s why I’m telling you to stay out ofChicago. That’s why I’m staying out of there.

Read full report here.

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