Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ten Indications That Obama Is Scared

Just hope the author, Kevin Jackson, is right. Details of the 10 indicators are well worth reading.

Obama is not the cool, calm, and collected guy that he portrays publicly; he's far from it. Obama is described privately as a thin-skinned hot-head when it comes to questioning his policies, or anything else, for that matter.
Though there has been a slight shift upward in Obama's poll numbers, Obama knows the real temperature of the American people. Here are 10 indicators as to why Obama will have sleepless nights leading up to the election of 2012:

1. Obama started African Americans for Obama.

2. Obama started a Spanish-language website.

3. Obama's energy policy is pure comedy.

4. Obama now supports super-PACs.

5. Obama has feigned shifting right.

6. Obama began the Truth Teams, dismantling Attack Watch.

7. Obama is changing his slogan. Realizing that "Yes We Can" has turned into "Well, I Thought We Could," and that "hope and change" now applies to getting rid of him, Obama must adjust his catchphrases.

8. Obama's foreign policy strategy is in shambles.

9. Obama is talking tough. As the saying goes, the shallower the stream, the louder the babble.

10. There is no real improvement in any sector in America.

Obama has much to be concerned about, despite being "The Money-Giver" to the poor. Americans have reached the end, and words just won't cut it. Further, Americans have tired of style and want substance. I believe that the new bumper stickers might be "You Had Your Chance!"

Read full American Thinker here.

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