Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Justice blocks Texas voter ID law

The Voting Rights Act singled out 16 states for intense scrutiny by the Justice Dept. regarding civil rights. It looks like Holder is using this to stall photo ID laws in each of those states, to allow Obama to get through the November election using the Saul Alinsky tools of the trade, voter intimidation and fraud.

The Justice Department on Monday blocked a new Texas law that requires government-issued photo identification at the polls, further inflaming an intense and racially charged election-year debate over voting requirements.

Republicans blasted the Obama administration’s move as purely political and said the ID requirement is necessary to prevent fraud and election tampering.

But Democrats and civil-rights advocates argue voter ID legislation makes voting more difficult for poor, minority and elderly citizens who are less likely to have state-issued photo identification.

The move by the Justice Department comes at the beginning of what is sure to be a fierce battle over voter laws. Attorney General Eric Holder has also challenged a voter ID law in South Carolina, and six other states have passed an ID requirement in the past year.

The Voting Rights Act empowers the Justice Department to halt voting laws or redistricting actions in 16 states — including Texas and South Carolina — if the changes would have a discriminatory effect.

The Supreme Court last year upheld an Indiana ID law that closely mirrors the Texas statute. Indiana is not one of the states covered by the Voting Rights Act.

Read the full The Hill article here.

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