Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bad News on Unemployment

We all know that the Obama administration is doing everything that it can, short of creating actual jobs, to show to the American people that the unemployment figures are going down and that the economy is rebounding. This article shows the hypocrisy and the policies that are being used to disguise the real truth, unemployment is on the rise. Job growth is stagnate and the workforce is growing.

Here is the trend in Employment.

It looks pretty good, finally. But here is the trend in Labor Force -- i.e., the total of people with jobs and those looking for jobs. Not good at all. Compared to the so-called "jobless recovery" of the Bush years, it's pathetic.

We know why the labor force isn't expanding, and it isn't because the baby boom is retiring. It's programs like 99-month unemployment benefits and relaxed eligibility for disability.

Everyone wants to be compassionate to people who have lost their jobs, but, as we know, government doesn't do compassion. Government is force. The reason why the politicians passed the 99-month limit on unemployment is because, to them, it's a cheap way of forcing the unemployment rate down. Give people money to keep them from looking for a job, and they won't get counted in the Labor Force.

Unfortunately, the experts tell us, long-term unemployment is harmful to workers, because people start losing job skills the moment they stop working.

As promised, the president is working to make the U.S. more like Europe.

Things are pretty good in America for the college-educated upper-middle class. Upper-middle-class children get to live in two-parent families. And why not? The educated upper-middle class is the ruling class, and the whole point of a ruling class is to make things comfy for the ruling class.

But for "other" Americans, things are not so good. "Everybody knows" that these "other" Americans are uneducated bitter clingers who really aren't educated enough to run their own lives. But there is a danger that, in the aftermath of yet another Great Crash cock-up by the ruling class, they might get fed up with their educated and enlightened rulers.

Some people define our present form of government as an "ineptocracy." But they are wrong. Our modern rulers are extremely adept when it comes to looking after themselves and their immediate supporters. They are "inept" only when it comes to looking after the rest of us -- little things like our education, our welfare, our health care, our money, our retirement savings. And what ruling class ever got its knickers in a twist about that?

A government that manipulates unemployment insurance and disability policy to get through the next election is going to do the same thing with education, health care -- even national defense.

Read full American Thinker article here.

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