Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Obama Spent His Summer Vacation- Day One: Kill Power Plants, Kill Jobs

It looks like the coal producers in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia will be out of jobs when the EPA gets done with them. It is a shame that "clean coal" is not good enough for the Obama posse, since we have an abundance of coal reserves here in the USA. You would think that, since the global warming scientists have been proven to be fudging the stats for monetary reasons, and global warming, if at all, appears to be more of a natural cycle rather than man made, the wing-nuts at the EPA might relax a little on the job killing, economy strangling regulations. But no, that would be using common sense and a modicum of caring, which has no place at the EPA or in Obama's government.

Oh, did I mention the brownouts that will occur when the coal plants close with no viable replacements because of the impossible rigorous schedule and low balled estimates of the EPA's regulations. See Global Warming.Org.

Excerpt: Prepare for your electric rates to go up, Chevy Jolt drivers.

Under new interpretations of old rules, the EPA will shortly be forcing the shutdown of about 20 percent of coal-generated electric capacity in the United States. Since coal generates about half the electricity demanded in the US, the country will have to find other, more expensive ways of making up about ten percent of electric capacity at a time that the administration wants electric to be the clean fuel of choice.

Maybe Obama doesn’t understand that he can’t import electricity from Brazil.

In addition to the loss of generating capacity, the Commerce Department estimates that the new rules could kill up to 60,000 jobs, says Heritage, while an industry trade group says that the rules will cost $129 billion, according to the Washington Post.

During the 2008 presidential campaign then-Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden both claimed that if elected they would institute policies that make it cost prohibitive for coal-fired plants to operate in the United States.

Looks like this is one promise they’ll keep.

In short, the coal group got it right in November 2008.

President Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to do anything, saying anything and pay anything to get a vote.
Even while on vacation, day one.

Read full Townhall article here.

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