Friday, August 12, 2011

Gingrich Won Debate, 'It's Over' for Pawlenty

I found Bret Bozell's analysis, of the debate last night, the closest to my feelings. Pawlenty was too negative with his attack on Bachmann. Bachmann didn't impress me as strong. Obama wouldn't stand a chance in a debate with Newt, who was obviously the most knowledgeable about the inter-workings of Congress.

Gingrich: The winner. Wasn't even close. Showed why Obama would pee in his pants having to debate this man.

Santorum: Also a winner. Showed most passion, and took on and beat up other candidates. But was it enough to keep him alive?

Romney: Draw/Win. Played not to lose and in that sense succeeded. Didn't accomplish anything, but no one laid a hand on him either.

Bachmann: Draw. Up in that she very successfully deflected attacks. Down in that she came out with plastic speeches when asked to "speak from the heart."

Cain: Draw. Answered some questions well, others not so well. In the end it wasn't enough to save him.

Paul: Loser. Time to go home, Ron. His attacks on the US vis-a-vis Iran were insulting.

Pawlenty: Like the boxer told in the 12th round that he needed a knock-out, Pawlenty threw wild punches everywhere -- and never scored. It's over.

Huntsman: Who?

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