Friday, January 28, 2011

Opinion: Obamacare Is Already Falling Apart

If this is so, what is left except a huge bureaucracy?

Last week, the House of Representatives voted by a wide margin -- 245 to 189 -- to repeal the president's landmark health reform package. It's unclear whether Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., will bring the measure up in the upper body.

But even he doesn't, the law is already showing signs of serious trouble.

In recent weeks, some Democrats who supported the law have called for scrapping portions of it.

The 1099 provision

Waivers for unions and "mini-med" programs

Preexisting conditions

Individual mandate

So despite committing more than a trillion taxpayer dollars over the next decade to health reform, Obamacare will leave tens of millions uninsured, drive the cost of care up for virtually all Americans, and put the federal government in charge of ever more of our health care decisions.

As the Obama administration grapples with implementing its signature piece of legislation, the case for repealing it is becoming self-evident. Public support for the law continues to erode. Lawmakers should follow the House's lead and repeal this monstrosity.

Read full AOL News article for a detailed discussion of each provision here.

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