Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Game-changer! Arizona to pass 2012 eligibility law

Obama will have to produce birth certificate to run again.

It appears that more and more "birthers" are outing themselves as it becomes clear that Obama's long form Hawaiian birth certificate does not exist. This together with the fact that Pelosi and Co. did not vet Obama as they did McCain, and Obama has spent over $2 million in legal fees to hide his records, says to me that "there is something there".

More and more states are getting on the bandwagon, due mostly to the influx of Republicans into the State legislatures during the last election. The article names Arizona, Montana, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas as going forward with this type of legislation. Interest has also been expressed in Tennessee, New Hampshire, South Dakota, California, Maine, New Mexico, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey and Iowa. If you live and vote in these states, talk it up and see that a similar bill is put before your representatives.

It also seems to me, that since the House has changed hands, Obama should be properly vetted prior to the 2012 elections.

The proposal, which also is being taken up in a number of other states, is highly specific and directly addresses the questions that have been raised by Barack Obama's occupancy of the White House. It says:

Within ten days after submittal of the names of the candidates, the national political party committee shall submit an affidavit of the presidential candidate in which the presidential candidate states the candidate's citizenship and age and shall append to the affidavit documents that prove that the candidate is a natural born citizen, prove the candidate's age and prove that the candidate meets the residency requirements for President of the United States as prescribed in article II, section 1, Constitution of the United States.

The critical phrases are "natural born citizen" and the requirements of "article II, section 1, Constitution of the United States," which imposes on the president a requirement not demanded of other state and federal officeholders.

"Obama may be able to continue showing contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law for the next two years, as he has demonstrated his willingness to do in his first year in office," he wrote in a column. "However, a day of reckoning is coming. Even if only one significant state, with a sizable Electoral College count, decides a candidate for election or re-election has failed to prove his or her eligibility, that makes it nearly impossible for the candidate to win. It doesn't take all 50 states complying with the law to be effective."

Read full WorldNetDaily article here.

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