Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Liberals tend to prefer to call themselves progressives, I guess, because it makes them feel that their ideas are better and more up to date than those of the Conservative populous. In looking at this I have a few concerns:

Is it better to value the life of animals used to feed the hungry rather than the life of a human fetus?

Is it better to bankrupt a nation in order to pursue the need to save the planet from some unproven and shifting global warming/cooling /climate change philosophy?

Is it better to send billions of dollars overseas to countries that hate us, rather than develop our own energy sources, create jobs and keep the money here to spur our own economy?

Is it better to ration health care for the elderly rather than to do all things possible to keep them healthy and fit in their remaining years?

Is it better to denigrate spirited protesters that do not agree with your views or to work with them to alleviate their fears?

Is it better to make everyone equal by lowering the standard of living of all rather than create the opportunity for them to lift themselves up to a higher standard?

Is it better to keep our children mired in schools where the teachers suffer as much as the children, under union restrictions, rather than use proven techniques developed in charter schools that would allow millions to gain an education that would allow them to escape the poverty they live in?

Is it better to live in a country where the government controls the auto, financial, and health industries and confiscates any wealth you have accumulated to give to those the government itself has kept impoverished by its "slave owner" disincentive policies?

Is it better to spend more than your children and grandchildren will ever be able to repay on projects with little or no benefit rather than be fiscally responsible?

Is it better to be an atheist than to believe in an all loving God?

Yes, I have concerns, and, yes, I'm glad I am a Conservative.

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