Friday, March 20, 2009

Nero Fiddles while Rome Burns

All we have to do is substitute Obama for Nero and USA for Rome and we are up to date. We are in the middle of the worst financial crises in decades and people have not even been nominated by Obama to fill the top positions in the Treasury Department.

What has President Obama been doing?
Flying all over the country to sign taxpayer giveaways.
Letting Pelosi and Reid draft so called stimulus bills.
Going on television to attack executive bonuses that he and the Democrats approved in their giveaway bills, all the while taking advantage of a self-made political opportunity.
What about his appearance on Jay Leno? He said he was practicing his bowling.
Wasn't he cute filling out his "March Madness" brackets?

Hasn't anyone told him that he won and the campaign is over?

One man cannot possibly handle the Treasury job without extraordinary people to back him up.

Stay in Washington and give Geithner the help he needs. Just maybe he will be able to do a creditable job. After all, he did tell you about the AIG bonuses weeks ago.

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