Sunday, May 6, 2012

Random Thoughts by The Old Jarhead

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood
This is a sample of Random Thoughts from one of my favorite blogs. I would recommend that you go to his blog. He mixes wit and facts in a hilarious way.

 Sample: Progressives have failed in their dream to achieve equality of outcomes, as they always do, because as George Orwell pointed out, even in a communist utopia, "some animals are more equal than others." But their efforts have set back the conservatives' dream of equality of opportunity, mostly for minorities, especially blacks. The welfare-driven destruction of the black family, the created culture of victimization, the dismissing of education as "acting white," the tolerance for crime in the black community and black thugs brutalizing decent black folks because tough law enforcement is "racist," have all set far too many black people back worse than Jim Crow. But it garners power and money for the race baiters.

Lost history: A larger percentage of Republican House and Senate members than of Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Law of 1964. More Republicans than Democrats voted for woman's suffrage. Progressive President Woodrow Wilson originally opposed women’s suffrage. Gun control laws were originally designed to keep blacks from being able to protect themselves from the KKK. And Margaret Sanger was a big supported of the "settled science" of eugenics, which fueled the racist theories of the Nazis. She founded Planned Parenthood to keep more of the "unfit"—blacks, the retarded, and so on—from being born. Mission accomplished.

Democrats are incensed that Mitt Romney made a fortune working in private enterprise. Every respectable person marries his money like John Kerry did.

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