Sunday, December 18, 2011

National Review Editor Praises Gingrich

This lends some balance to the criticism. I'm not too surprised that the "Republican establishment" is so vehemently against Gingrich. I am not at all surprised that the liberal media is laying off Romney, a candidate they consider to be the weaker of the two, and one they could live with if he were somehow elected. Gingrich is a true smaller government Conservative with some nutty ideas that could easily be controlled by a Republican majority in Congress. He scares the **** out of "government is my home" Democrats and RINOs.

National Review contributing editor and columnist Andrew C. McCarthy says Newt Gingrich is a strong conservative with a significant track record — and countered his own publication's editorial criticizing the former House speaker.

In McCarthy's online column posted Saturday, he wrote: "I respectfully dissent from National Review's Wednesday evening editorial."

McCarthy continued: "Regarding former Speaker Gingrich, I have no objection to the cataloguing of any candidate’s failings, and Newt has certainly made his share of mistakes. But there ought to be balance — balance between a candidate’s failings and his strengths, balance between the treatment of that candidate and of his rivals. The editorial fails on both scores."

In his own column, entitled "Gingrich's Virtues," McCarthy seeks to offer that balance.

"Gingrich’s virtues are shortchanged," McCarthy argues, "His great accomplishment in balancing the federal budget is not even mentioned, an odd omission in an election that is primarily about astronomical spending."

He added that National Review had not offered similar critiques of other GOP candidates with liberal records.

"Nevertheless, if the Editors were enterprising enough, they could just as easily write a similar editorial, with the same tone of alarm, about, say, Governor Romney or Governor Huntsman," McCarthy said.

McCarthy recounted some of Gingrich's spectacular conservative successes:

"Gingrich is the candidate who can say he actually wrestled the federal budget into balance . . . "
“In an election about the imperative to repeal Obamacare, Gingrich is the candidate who helped defeat Hillarycare — by comparison, Governor Romney ushered in a health-care system that became a model for Obamacare (and he stubbornly continues to insist that it was a great achievement — the main reason he can’t crack the 25 percent ceiling in most polls)."
"Gingrich is the candidate who reformed welfare — which, the Editors acknowledge, is 'the most successful social policy of recent decades.'”

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