Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kevin McCullough: Why It Will Be President Perry in 2013

This article is a good introduction to Governor Rick Perry, hopefully a soon to be Republican candidate for President. I agree that the field is full of lackluster candidates, or candidates that have no chance of defeating Obama.

The problem that we have is that the MSM has, for a number of years, acted as attack dogs for the liberal left. Any decent Republican, who cares about his/her family, would think twice and maybe three times before subjecting them to the 24/7 ridicule that they would undoubtedly receive.

For me the field of 2012 felt odd and disjointed as Governors Huckabee and Palin were long in making their minds up. Even now we still don't know the mind of the former Alaskan governor. But polling data was clear from February 2010 to April 2011 that if President Obama had been forced to face Gov. Huckabee he would lose.

The rest of the current field is interesting, but essentially so much alike, in so many ways, there are contrasts, but at times, hard to see.

Enter the candidate who has not even announced yet, the three term Governor from Texas, Rick Perry.

As I did in my 2006 piece, which was read by Rush Limbaugh the day after publication, let me give you five reasons Governor Perry would win.


Of all the issues that will face the nation in 2012, the one that weighs even now most on the minds of those around household dinner tables is where they will find the next month's paycheck. In my book I detail the deterioration and the inexplicable refusal of solutions that will work by the Obama administration. President Obama was hired to make the economy better, to lower unemployment, to see Americans grow wealth, and at every level he has failed. It's bad enough that one out of ten workers can't find work. But the most damning statistic is that one out of five families is working as hard as they possibly can, but still can't pay their bills. Meanwhile over that same period of time Governor Perry has overseen job growth in Texas that sits at 47% of all jobs created in the entirety of the United States -- just during the two and half years Obama's been in office.


While President Obama has been loading up the tax burden, fees, fines, and penalties for small businesses with Obamacare, the threat of raised taxes, and pipe-dreams like "cap and trade," Governor Perry has reduced trivial regulation and made Texas such a dynamic environment to grow business that corporations are relocating from the troubled states of California and New York, just to set up shop, provide better service, and pay their workers better wages. Gov. Perry was even invited to the California Assembly only months ago to chat with lawmakers about how to create small business growth. One of those Assemblymen has been so inspired he started the "draft Perry" movement.


Governor Perry has been famous for not exactly playing ball with the folks Washington, D.C. He has tried to use everything from humor to a serious demeanor in his opportunities for dialogue with President Obama and his administration to convince them of the problems that can happen when the federal government oversteps, overreaches, and over spends. He has refused federal monies for programs his state did not need. Even when Texas was experiencing massive wildfires his behavior was counter-intuitive for most politicians. He did not immediately turn to Washington with his hand out. Yet when his state's resources had been depleted he did come forward and ask for federal disaster aid in fighting the blazes. He's still waiting for an answer to his multiple requests for help from the administration. As an aside, let me say that the administration's silence on the Texas wildfires looks like pure politics.


While jogging recently Governor Perry allowed his pet labrador to run with him for his daily six miles. While on the jog, he and his pet were accosted by a menacing coyote. After remaining still and waiting to see what the wild coyote would do, the Governor pulled a .380 Ruger and shot the coyote dead, when it had become apparent the coyote was after his pup. Upon returning to the Governor's office he was queried about his "heartless" actions towards "innocent" animals. After answering more than one question on the matter, and in a mildly exasperated manner he replied, "Don't go after my dog!" In other words while the press was confused about his value system, he saw it in very simple to understand terms. He resonates with the average American voter. There is such a thing as right and wrong, and not everything needs a Presidential blue ribbon panel commission to determine if it is or not.


Ronald Wilson Reagan was the first Republican candidate to bring together the conservatives across the economic, social values, and strong military spectrums. Governor Rick Perry has already demonstrated his ability to do the same. His economic abilities have already been cited. But he also just passed, "loser pays," in Texas. Trivial lawsuits will automatically diminish because those bringing them will have little incentive to try to shake down an organization merely attempting to wear them out. He also saw the sonogram law passed, pleasing pro-family advocates, which allows a legal abortion in Texas only after the mother of the unborn child is able to see her child with her own eyes first. He also pushed for passage of a voter I.D. law which will go a very long way to insure the integrity of the voting process in future elections in the state. His shared values of faith, his belief in the decency of America, and his lack of apology for sticking to his beliefs contrast very well with a current President who is best described in my new book as "ruthlessly pragmatic."

Read full Townhall article here.

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