Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Use Energy, Get Rich and Save the Planet

One argument for Capitalism and personal wealth was published in the NYT back in April refuting the old IPAT theory, used by Obama's science advisor and defining the Kuznets curve, based on "real" scientific evidence. In this reality, the richer a nation gets, the more the people turn toward cleaner sources of energy and greener living. It has nothing to do with Government and taxes. As stated in the NYT article: The old wealth-is-bad IPAT theory may have made intuitive sense, but it didn’t jibe with the data that has been analyzed since that first Earth Day. By the 1990s, researchers realized that graphs of environmental impact didn’t produce a simple upward-sloping line as countries got richer. The line more often rose, flattened out and then reversed so that it sloped downward, forming the shape of a dome or an inverted U — what’s called a Kuznets curve. (See for an example.)

It is strange that, even the NYT would include this quote in its article: “The long-term trend is toward natural gas and nuclear power, or conceivably solar power. If the energy system is left to its own devices, most of the carbon will be out of it by 2060 or 2070.” Strange that we cannot develop our own natural gas fields or increase our use of nuclear power here in the USA due to liberal green fanaticism.
Use Energy, Get Rich And Save The Planet

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