Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Global Warming - Dangerous Hype

The administration is not giving up on the "Cap & Trade" carbon emissions taxes to help control "Global Warming". An estimated $650 billion to $2 trillion is expected to be raised and will be spent by the Democratic Congress and the Administration in any way they want. Where will the taxes come from? Of course all these taxes will be passed along thru increased utility bills, increases in gasoline prices, and in almost anything you buy that does not come from China.

Of course, China will not participate in this foolishness, and will reap the benefits by offering lower prices on the world markets. Higher prices on American goods will diminish exports and slow our economy even more. If you want to read about how the USA does not control the world's carbon emissions, read the following article by Peter W. Huber.

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans do not believe that "Man" is responsible for the Earth's warming. More evidence is becoming available that shows that, if we look at long term climate fluctuations, the recent period of warming is not unexpected, and in fact, the Earth has experienced a period of cooling in the last few years. Many scientists agree that we will be in a period of cooling for the next couple of decades. Two great articles on this can be read at the following sites.


Rahm Emanual, President Obama's Chief of Staff, has stated that "you never let a serious crisis go to waste". In this case the "crisis" can be used to extract a significant portion of the gross national product from the private sector and use it to increase the Government in order to buy more votes and gain more control over our lives.

I guess if there is no "serious crisis" laying around, you can always get Al Gore to make a video to create one.

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